“Here is the patience of the saints: here are they that keep the
commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus.” Revelation 14:12

“And every man that striveth for the mastery is temperate in all things. Now they do it to obtain a corruptible crown but we an incorruptible.” 1 Cor. 9:25.

According to the apostle Paul, our success in “striving for the mastery” –overcoming all hereditary and cultivated tendencies to sin, and finally obtaining the crown of life, is possible only “as we are temperate in all things.” May all be stirred to prayerfully study the following important counsels:

“How… important [therefore] that the Christian, whose eternal interests are at stake, bring appetite and passion under subjection to reason and the will of God!”–The Acts of the Apostles, p. 311 :1.

” …If we could realize… that our eternal destiny depends upon strictly temperate habits, we would work to the point of strict temperance in eating and drinking.”–3T 489:1.

“With our first parents, intemperate desire resulted in the loss of Eden. Temperance in all things has more to do with our restoration to Eden than men realize. “–The Ministry of Healing, p. 129:2.

” …By exercising temperance in daily life, [we] may be sanctified through the truth.” –Counsels on Health, p. 121:0.

“In order to reach the highest standard of moral and intellectual attainments, it is necessary to seek wisdom and strength from God, and to
observe strict temperance in all the habits of life.”– The Ministry of Healing, p.65:3.

“There are many in the world who indulge pernicious habits. Appetite is the law that governs them, and because of their wrong habits the moral sense is clouded and the power to discern sacred things is to a great extent destroyed. But it is necessary for Christians to be strictly temperate…. Temperance in eating, drinking, and dressing is essential. Principle
should rule instead of appetite or fancy.

“Temperance in all things of this life is to be taught and practiced. Temperance in eating, drinking, sleeping, and dressing is one of the grand principles ofthe religious life.”–6T 374, 375.

“Intemperance in study is a species of intoxication; and those who indulge in it, like the drunkard, wander from safe paths and stumble and fall in the darkness.”–Child Guidance, p. 396:4.

“We should practice temperance in our labor. It is not our duty to place ourselves where we shall be overworked.”–
Child Guidance, p.397:1.

“One of the strongest temptations that man has to meet is upon the point of appetite. Between the mind and the body there is a mysterious and wonderful relation. They react upon each other …. To neglect the body is to neglect the mind.

“There is a solemn responsibility upon all … to overcome upon the point of appetite.

“Intemperance in eating, even of food of the right quality, will have a prostrating influence upon the system and will blunt the keener and holier emotions. Strict temperance in eating and drinking is highly essential for the healthy preservation and vigorous exercise of all the functions of the body. Strictly temperate habits, combined with exercise of the muscles as well as of the mind, will preserve both mental and physical vigor, and give power of endurance…. As a people, with all our profession of health reform, we eat too much. Indulgence of appetite is the greatest cause of physical and mental debility, and lies at the foundation of the feebleness which is apparent everywhere.

“Intemperance commences at our tables in the use of unhealthful food. “–3T 485:3; 486:0, 3; 487:1,2.

“The controlling power of appetite will prove the ruin of thousands, when, if they had conquered on this point, they would have had moral power to gain the victory over every other temptation of Satan.”–Id, 491,492.

And from our Fundamental Beliefs, come these words from Elijah’s pen:

“That the followers of Christ should be a godly people, not adopting the unholy maxims nor comforming to the unrighteous ways of the world; not loving its sinful pleasures nor countenancing its follies. That the believer should recognize his body as the temple of the Holy Spirit, and that therefore he should clothe that body in neat, modest, dignified apparel. Further, that in eating and drinking and in his entire course of conduct he should shape his life as becomes a follower of the meek and lowly Master. Thus the believer will be led to abstain from all intoxicating drinks, tobacco, and other narcotics, and the avoidance of every body and soul defiling habit and practice (l Cor. 3:16, 17; 9:25; 10:31; l Tim. 2:9, 10;
1 John 2:6).”–2TG 10:26:1.