Inspiration says concerning “Financial Speculation.” And Where Shall We Invest?

“But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal: for where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” Matthew 6:20, 21.

“Financial speculations are Satan’s snares, laid to catch souls. In all business transactions the only safeguard for a man is the love and fear of God. In our world today there are seen the same dishonest practices which prevailed before the Flood swept this earth of its moral pollution, and which prevailed in Sodom before fire from heaven consumed its wicked inhabitants. Satan engrosses men’s minds with dreamlike prospects of great gain, and in their greed for gain, those who yield to him make representations which are positively untrue. God and the truth are forgotten. . . .  {UL 21.2} 

“God desires His servants to avoid all speculation. Satan may pave the way by making the first investment successful, but O, how bitter will be the final outcome! If the professing Christian has success in his first speculation, his ruin is almost certain. Visionary schemes are wildly entered into as schemers present promising enterprises, which they declare will pay a large percentage on all money invested. Good men are fascinated and deceived. . . .  {UL 21.3} 

“Instead of entering into speculation, let those who know the truth find some steady, honest employment, in which they can earn their living in a way that glorifies God. Those who encourage the thirst for speculation will extinguish the light that God has given to guide their feet aright. Making money easily, they will spend it unwisely, and their prodigality will be their ruin. To maintain their habits of selfish indulgence, they must continue to make money rapidly. The effort to make money fast enough to meet their extravagant expenses, draws many into the gambling hell. . . .  {UL 21.4} 

“More Attractive Than Persevering Labor The enemy of souls is very anxious to hinder the completion of the special work for this time by bringing in some erroneous transaction. He will bring it under the garb of great liberality; and if those pursuing this course have apparent success for a time, others will follow. And the very truths that are testing our people for this time, and which, if clearly understood, would cut off such a course of action, lose their force. CS 233.3

“Some will strike out into flattering speculative money-making schemes, and others will quickly catch the spirit of speculation. It is just what they want, and they will engage in lines of speculation that take the mind off from the sacred preparation that is essential for their souls in order for them to be prepared to meet the trials which will come in these last days. CS 234.1

“The enemy of souls has his plans carefully laid, and he will try in every possible way to carry them to success. Something after this order, a plan that promises to be as gracious and successful as this, has been started a good many times among our people. But when the time came that they expected great success, it proved to be an entire failure. That confused the minds of the people. They had gotten into speculation, and they liked that plan better than hard work and going right on as we have done usually, laboring perseveringly and trusting in the Lord…. CS 234.2

“Drunk with Anticipated Gains The desire that some of our brethren possess to earn means fast, leads them to engage in a new enterprise and invest means, but often their expectations of making money are not realized. They sink that which they could have spent in God’s cause. THERE IS AN INFATUATION IN THESE NEW ENTERPRISES. And notwithstanding these things have been acted over so many times, and they have before them the example of others who have made investments and have met with an utter failure, yet many are slow to learn. Satan allures them on, and makes them drunk with anticipated gains.-Counsels on Stewardship pg. 233.1

“Diverting Minds from the Truth Every movement of this order, which comes in to excite the desire to get riches quickly by speculation, takes the minds of the people away from the most solemn truths that ever were given to mortals. There may be encouraging prospects for a time, but the end of the matter is failure. THE LORD ENDORESES NO SUCH MOVEMENTS. If this work is sanctioned, many would be attracted by these speculative schemes that could not in any other way be led away from the work of presenting the solemn truths that must be given to the people at this time.—Special Testimonies, Series B, No. 17, 15-19. CS 234.3

“No man that warreth, entangleth himself with the affairs of this life; that he may please him who hath chosen him to be a soldier.” 2 Timothy 2:4. 

“Principle is always exacting. Our country claims of fathers and mothers, their sons, the brothers, the husbands, to be given up, to leave their homes for the field of carnage and bloodshed. They must endure privation and hunger, weariness and loneliness; they must make long marches, footsore and weary, through summer’s heat and winter’s cold; they must face peril, run the risk of life. They are compelled to follow the commander, even to the death. And all this severe experience is in consequence of sin. There is an enemy to meet, an enemy to be resisted; enemies of our country will destroy her peace and bring disaster and ruin, unless they are overcome. “Conquer or die” is the motto.  {GW92 198.3}

“Thus it is with the Christian warfare. We have an enemy to meet, who is vigilant, who is not off his guard one moment. The claims of country are not higher than the claims of God. If hardships are borne and trials endured by soldiers fighting in behalf of their country, how much more willingly should the soldiers of the cross endure privation, self-denial, and any taxation for Christ’s sake.— MS.  {GW92 199.1}

“The will of man is only safe when united with the will of God” OHC 104.6

“My prayer to our heavenly Father is, Lord, let the clear light shine forth. Carefully and prayerfully studied, God’s Word keeps men well-balanced. In this Word we find God’s way clearly defined. No one who searches the Word with sincerity will walk in darkness. But we cannot cast aside the light God sends, and at the same time walk in its rays. To be Christians at all, we must be Christians in all things, revealing His virtues, doing His works. The truth is our safeguard. Planted in the heart by the Holy Spirit, it enables us to see clearly the difference between what is right and what is wrong.”–Manuscript 26, 1890.


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