13 Seminar Hymn

Sung without instrumental accompaniment

Instrumental accompaniment

(Sung to the music of “They Come From the East and West” The Church Hymnal, No. 453)

We’ve come from the north and south, We’ve come from the east and west,
With hearts lifted up in faith and in trust, To do our truest best.
To have Heaven’s Voice direct In all that we contemplate,
And thus control in all we do And all we meditate.

For Leah we come to act, To walk in the lighted way
From which rebels turn, walking in darkness,
Leading precious souls astray. Our hearts are made glad to see
God’s binding up now His ROD To take us safely o’er the way
Jacob through trouble trod.

Our need now, O Lord, we plead! Thy blessing to us impart!
Remember Thy cause and remnant, we pray, O guide us in mind and heart.
Thy Spirit work mightily To cause us to think aright.
Unite us, o as one in Thee, And lead us in Thy light.

Written by -Jemmy E. Bingham

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