20 Praise Ye Our God

Sung without instrumental accompaniment

Instrumental accompaniment

(Sung to the music of “ Jesus Loves Even Me” The Church Hymnal, No. 423)

Praise be our God in heaven above! He sent the ROD in His infinite love,
And saving truth in the Bible revealed, Prophecies fulfilled and other unsealed

Chorus: O, I praise God the ROD did arrive, Us to reform, us to revive
From sad deception in faith and works, Wherein death’s siren lurks.

If we would stand when the angel doth slay, We’ll sigh now, cry now, and learn to obey. Thus ‘firstfruits” cleansed by the power of the ROD We’ll win the multitude-‘praise ye our God.”

Chorus: O, I praise God the ROD doth restore Unto life new all things of yore, Thy Kingdom come; O naught can compare! Sacrifice all, be there!

Written by -Eugene Soper Lipsey (1911-1939)

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