25 A Seminar Prayer

Sung without instrumental accompaniment

(Sung to the music of “Eternal Father God of Love“ The Church Hymnal, No. 31)

Another Seminar is here;
We gather, Lord, in hope and cheer,
With grateful hearts and joyous praise,
With happy songs our voices raise.

For years have passed since last we met,
Each one hast Thou so kindly kept
From  trials within and trials without,
From many a fear and many a doubt.

We’ve come from far and near, 0 Lord,
To seek to be of one accord.
We’re here to study and to learn
To do our duties, none to spurn.

The first whom thou didst choose to lead
With the bound-up ROD, Thy flock to feed,
Is resting safely, he’s asleep,
We must not grieve, we must not weep.

Though saddened by this vacant space,
The Lord is good, He gives His grace.
For His sweet Spirit doth abide,
His living guidance to provide.

Eternal Father, praise Thy name
Thy matchless power, Thy holy fame.
Thy presence, Lord, each heart now fill,
For Bashan is Thy holy hill.

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