Preparing for the Kingdom: Silence and Kindness in Daily Life

These passages from “The Signs of the Times” offer valuable lessons and insights about maintaining a Christ-like attitude in the face of adversity and the significance of our words and actions in the Christian life:


  1. Adversity as a Disciplinarian: Life is often filled with adverse influences and provocations, which are opportunities for spiritual growth and development. Christians should see these challenges as opportunities to grow in their faith and develop Christ-like character.
  2. The Power of Silence: Responding to insults and provocations with silence can be a powerful way to maintain self-control and avoid escalating conflicts. Silence, in this context, is seen as a means of victory over anger and impatience.
  3. Exemplifying Christ’s Love: Christians are called to exemplify Christ’s love and grace in their actions and words. A scolding or fretful spirit is incongruent with the Christian life, and believers are encouraged to be Christ-like in all their interactions.
  4. Guarding Our Speech: Words hold great power, and every word and action is recorded in the “books of heaven.” Believers are reminded to guard their speech, speaking in love and kindness, and to cultivate patience, courtesy, and meekness.
  5. Divine Presence and Accountability: Christians should be aware that the divine presence is always with them. Knowing that Christ is with us should influence our words and actions, encouraging us to maintain a Christ-like disposition.


  1. Victory Over Self: Adversity and provocations can be viewed as tools for developing patience and endurance. By responding in a Christ-like manner, we gain victory over our own weaknesses and become more Christ-like in the process.
  2. Silence as a Virtue: The passages emphasize the virtue of silence when faced with unkind or provocative words. It’s a practical way to demonstrate self-control and avoid unnecessary conflicts.
  3. Words as a Precious Gift: Our words are described as a precious gift capable of doing much good. Christians are encouraged to use this gift wisely and lovingly, as every word is recorded and reflects our character.
  4. Satan’s Temptations: Satan tempts individuals to speak hastily, especially in moments of perceived injustice or misunderstanding. By resisting this temptation and choosing silence and love, we can overcome these trials of patience.
  5. Preparing for the Heavenly Kingdom: Christians are reminded that they are preparing for a heavenly kingdom where harsh, unkind, and impatient words have no place. This insight underscores the importance of embodying Christ’s love and grace in our earthly lives.

Overall, these passages provide profound guidance on how to navigate challenges, interact with others, and maintain a Christ-like character. They stress the transformative power of responding to adversity with grace, kindness, and patience, aligning our lives with the teachings of Christ.

“And be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ’s sake hath forgiven you.” Ephesians 4:32 (KJV)

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