11 Isaiah 66

Sung without instrumental accompaniment

Instrumental accompaniment

(Sung to the music of “In the Glad Time of the Harvest” The Church Hymnal, No. 539)

Hear the word of Christ our Saviour, Ye that tremble at His Word.
They that hated you are brethren. “Cast them out,” they had averred.
“Let the Lord have all the glory,” They had said, but what says He?
“I’ll appear, then you’ll be joyful, But ashamed they then will be.”

And His anger will He render, For the Lord will come with chariots
Like a whirlwind and with fire, And rebuke with flames of fire.
For by fire and by the Spirit’s sword Will the Lord with all flesh plead.
Slain of God will then be many, Thus God’s true ones will be freed.

Oh, the rapture of the first fruits When from slaying they’ve been spared!
Then the saints shall take the Kingdom, For like David they have dared.
They’ll go out to Pul and Javan And to every far-off isle.
They will bring back all their brethren, None of whom will then be vile.

In that grand time of the harvest, In the time of ripened grain,
All the saints will be so happy, And their work will bring but gain.
Never grieved with sin or sorrow, Never weary or alone,
They will share the life immortal When the King shall claim His own.

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