22 A Stone That Shatters Nations

Sung without instrumental accompaniment

Instrumental accompaniment

(DANIEL 2:34, 45)
(Sung to the music of “ When the Roll Is Called Up Yonder” Christ in Song, No. 865)

“Twas a stone that felled Goliath From Lil’ David’s shepherd’s bag,
With a driving force that stopped the warrior’s brag; David takes the giant’s sword (When he topples to the ground)
Cutting of his head as roaring cheers resound.

Chorus: It’s “the stone” that shatters nations; Yes, “the stone” that brings salvation, From the yoke of obligations; It’s “the stone,” the Kingdom stone,
That sets us free!!

“The stone “ cut from the mountain, Without hands one can discern,
Hits the image feet of iron and potter’s clay. And it breaks in pieces all the parts
That once held strong and firm, Representing powerful nations in their day.

Written by -Lucinda Ray Allen

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