23 Davidian-Jacob

Sung without instrumental accompaniment

Instrumental accompaniment

(PSALM 22:6; ISAIAH 41:14)
(Sung to the music of “Sweet Hour of Prayer“ The Church Hymnal, No. 316)

Sing thou, o muse of sacred fire, Davidian Jacob’s blest career;
He broke the power of Satan’s ire And brought His fellow saints great cheer;
He scaled the stormy heights of grace To bring salvation down to men;
He cheered his tired and ruined race, And many sought the Truth again.

O Thou, Who makes all clay to live And suffers pain at Thy behest,
O wilt Thou not in mercy give Assurance of eternal rest?
Thou chooses those of holy fire And hides them in Thy quiver aft,
Each trained in very deed and word, And sends them forth a polished shaft.

He shot the mountains through and through With volumes of inspired Truth,
And an example left to you To teach it with the vim of youth,
And send it far into the night, Lest many sleeping souls be lost;
A sleeping world will lose the fight. O Jacob’s sons, count not the cost!

Written by -John H. Betz

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