My Sister Take Heed, And You Will Have Peace

January 20

“The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord: and He delighteth in his way.” Ps. 37:23.

“Let the woman who desires a peaceful, happy union, who would escape future misery and sorrow, inquire before she yields her affections, has my lover a mother? What is the stamp of her character? Does he recognize his obligations to her? Is he mindful of her wishes and happiness? If he does not respect and honor his mother, will he manifest respect and love, kindness and attention, toward his wife? When the novelty of marriage is over, will he love me still? Will he be patient with my mistakes, or will he be critical, overbearing, and dictatorial? True affection will overlook many mistakes; love will not discern them.

Let a young woman accept as a life companion only one who possesses pure, manly traits of character, one who is diligent, aspiring, and honest, one who loves and fears God. Shun those who are irreverent. Shun one who is a lover of idleness; shun the one who is a scoffer of hallowed things…. Listen not to the proposals of a man who has no realization of his responsibility to God. The pure truth which sanctifies the soul will give you courage to cut yourself loose from the most pleasing acquaintance whom you know does not love and fear God, and knows nothing of the principles of true righteousness….

Accordingly, no God-fearing Davidian young man can morally permit himself to contemplate marriage unless he be one who, having early in life determined what trade or profession he be best fitted for, has set his goal, and has either reached it or is well on the way to reaching it, has built and furnished himself a house or has the means to do so, or at least has furnished or is able to furnish one. Neglecting this, he will make life a drudgery and a curse…. Instead of being nobly independent of others, he will be ignobly dependent upon them; instead of being an uplifting influence to society, he will be a degrading one….

Every devout Davidian young man will avoid such a tragedy by fully preparing for this greatest experience in life before venturing upon it. He will remember that before the Lord brought man into existence, He first made the earth man’s home, and then furnished it with light, air, food, and water, with shrub, tree, and grass, with bird, beast, and cattle. And knowing this, he will follow suit. Besides meeting all these indispensable qualifications, the prospective husband who cherishes matrimonial success, will not take the step of marriage before he has qualified himself to do the home duties…. Those who do conclude themselves led to elect marriage, and who are determined to move in fear to the glory of God, will necessarily marry “only in the Lord”: they will not take to themselves either unbelievers or unconverted worldly, careless, unconsecrated believers…. They will set their affections only upon one who is an earnest, zealous, industrious, spiritual-minded adherent to Present Truth.”


January 20th

AA 96.1, Ans. Book 3:83-84, AH 47.3-4

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