A Time of War Will Precede The Time Of Peace Part 2.

January 30

“A time of war, and a time of peace.” Ecc. 3:8.

“In India and China… at every step there are great difficulties to be encountered in the work [6T 25:1]. But there are few countries in which the difficulties in the way of presenting the truth are greater than in Russia.

Says the prophet. “My bowels, my bowels! I am pained at my very heart; my heart maketh a noise in me; I cannot hold my peace, because thou hast heard, O my soul, the sound of the trumpet, the alarm of war.” Jer. 4:19.

As everyone can see, that the world is fast getting ready to resume the war
[World War 2] with a mightier and final blow if possible. Anyone can see, too, that the war [World War 2] was not won for the good of Great Britain, but for Russia, and that following the cessation of hostilities conditions have caused the world to consolidate into two great and hostile blocks, the Western and the Eastern blocks. This happened because Great Britain allied with atheistic Russia, a government that is against God and His church.

So it is seen that the world in its attempt to overcome the obstacles with which it is confronted, is as it were jumping out of the fire and falling into the frying pan, only because it is not taking God into partnership.

As such, hear the words of the Lord ye professing rebels. “Thy men shall fall by the sword, and thy mighty in the war. And her gates shall lament and mourn; and she being desolate shall sit upon the ground.” Isa. 3:25, 26.

The whole heathen world will rise up in judgment against those whom heaven has favored the most, but who have placed themselves on Satan’s side… professedly Christian nation.

The prophecy of Isaiah 3 was presented before me as applying to these last days, and the reproofs are given to the daughters of Zion who have thought only of appearance and display. Read verse 25: “Thy men shall fall by the sword, and thy mighty in the war.” I was shown that this scripture will be strictly fulfilled. Young men and women professing to be Christians, yet having no Christian experience, and having borne no burdens and felt no individual responsibility, are to be proved. They will be brought low in the dust and will long for an experience in the things of God, which they have failed to obtain. War lifts his helmet to his brow; O God, protect Thy people now.

It is coming, “destruction upon destruction is cried; for the whole land is spoiled… in a moment.” Jer. 4:20.


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